Early Test Date

We find hundreds of earlier driving test dates every year and when we find a suitable driving test cancellation we will reserve it for you and notify you.

You can contact our team on 07789 596589 by WhatsApp, text message or email us on info@kwikpass.org for an earlier date.


KWIK PASS Driver Training

We find hundreds of driving test dates every year and when we find a suitable  cancellation we will reserve it and notify you. How do we do it? Like any great idea, giving people the opportunity to change driving test bookings to take last minute cancellations sounds simple at first, but making it work became very complicated indeed. Essentially, we check the DVSA booking system frequently, so we become aware of any cancellation driving tests. Now, any member of the public can search the DVSA’s website for this, but how many can spend a few 24 hour days refreshing the site all throughout the day, hoping to find that cancellation before someone else does? For some it simply isn’t possible to spend days searching for cancellations in order to book the driving test sooner. We can, and do check frequently. All day, seven days each week. When a cancellation comes up, we reserve it for our customer – that is – you. If it suits you, then let us know and we will book it for you. If it’s not what you are looking we will continue searching until we find a more suitable date, once you provide the driving licence and theory or current test booking details you give permission to search and book a test on your behalf at any test centre. Alternatively, you can search for driving test dates yourself (at no cost) on the DVSA website (but you’ll need to be patient). We are in no way associated or affiliated with the DVSA, DVLA or any government agency.

WhatsApp on 07789 59 65 89 or info@kwikpass.org

  • With 21 years of experience and trust you can rely on us to get you a test cancellation.
  • We find hundreds of cancellations every day.
  • We will check for tests throughout the day at different test centres.
  • Payment only made when the test is booked, DVSA test fee (£62 or £75) and booking admin fee starting from (£100).
  • If we don’t find a date, you pay nothing.
  • Don’t have the time to look for driving test cancellations? Sit back and relax! We do everything.
  • If you fail, you can come back and use our service.
  • Our team checks for tests all day long.
  • Our team will notify you with dates through text message or WhatsApp.
  • We can just go ahead and book the test within your requested dates and times, this is called ‘Auto Booking’ as you give permission once the details have been provided to book a test at any centre.
  • Quick sign up process by sending us details by messaging us.
  • We cover all driving test centres in England, Scotland and Wales.

Is your theory test expiring soon?

Are you looking for driving test cancellations but can’t find any because your theory test is expiring? Contact us now as there may still be time to get a driving test cancellation at your preferred test centre. If you’re worried about passing your driving test and would like to maximise your chance of passing the driving test before your theory test expires, sign up with us as our aim is to send you multiple driving test cancellations. If you do need to take your theory test again, why not use BSL Theory Test, an online learning tool designed to help you study and prepare for the Car theory test – incorporating the latest official DVSA learning material with thousands of added images to help you pass faster.

Short notice tests

We also offer short notice tests to those who need a test real quick. All driving test candidates need to give the DVSA a minimum of three working days notice when changing or cancelling their test to avoid forfeiting their test fee paid to the DVSA. Occasionally when a candidate knows for sure that they can’t make their test in a short notice window they may still decide to cancel their test in order for another candidate to take that slot. Do bear in mind that short notice cancellations are not as frequently available but if you opt-in for a short notice test we will try to find you one as soon as possible.

Earlier Driving Test and the DVSA

 Just to be clear, we are in no way associated or affiliated with the DVSA, DVLA or any government agencies. You can search for earlier driving test dates yourself (at no cost) on the DVSA website but you’ll need to be both very persistent and patient.
Our service automates the process for you, we check for tests and short notice tests, notify you and then book by responding to the text and/or email messages*. Please have a look at our terms and conditions , the cost for this service starts from £85.00.

*DVSA allow searching for test dates between 06:00 and 23:40 only.

* For reasons beyond our control, booking functionality may not always work or be available.

*Fair use policy and other terms apply which can be downloaded below.