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Have a look at what we can offer you for the Standards Check so you are prepared for the big day and PASS with flying colours, rather than just scraping through or failing and having sleepless nights.

Let’s help you towards achieving that Grade ‘A’ and being the best !!!

KWIK PASS Driver Training

Our SC Training Designed For You...

Do you have a Standards Check (SC) coming up or have you failed one recently?

KWIK PASS your local driving instructor trainer company are authorised by DVSA to deliver driving training and can help you to prepare and pass the SC.

Our trainers are Grade A achieving the highest grade possible.  KWIK PASS are serious about achieving the highest possible standards in driver training and have helped thousands of ADIs pass the Standards Check.  We are able to motivate and coach you to pass the Standards Check.

KWIK PASS continually stays up-to-date with the changes happening within the industry. You can be sure we train you the most up-to-date training methods.

standards check training

Developing your current skill set to get that Grade 'A'

The Rules and Regulation

The Road Traffic Act 1988 (as amended) states that continued registration as an ADI is subject to the condition that ADIs will undergo a test of “continued ability and fitness to give instruction”, commonly known as a Standards Check (SC), as and when required by the Registrar.

The SC is no more than its name suggests: an opportunity for one of DVSA examiners to check that your instruction is up to the required standard by observing you while you conduct a normal lesson.

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KWIK PASS offer quality training in preparation for that big day!

​We understand the frustration and ADIs who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them.

KWIK PASS have the skills, knowledge and passion to help prepare for that important day. Achieving a grade A can be very rewarding, also to remember, this can only depend on how much down time you put in to training, reading and practice.

Training involves helping you to Prepare for your Standards Check:

The 17 competencies on the “SC1 marking form” which are listed under

  • Lesson Planning
  • Risk Management and
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

Some of the key areas that our trainers will help you develop are

  • How you’ll be assessed and lesson introductions
  • Developing your Client Centered Learning (CCL) to suit the goals/needs of the pupil
  • More pupil involvement, using open questions that develops the pupil’s thinking.
  • Consulting your pupil and agreeing goals/needs that benefit their current level of driving.
  • Transferring responsibility to meet the needs of pupils preferred learning style
  • Knowing when to adapt the lesson to support the pupil and their ability.
  • Managing risk throughout the lesson.
  • Sharing responsibility, handing responsibility over to the pupil and knowing when to take responsibility back..
  • Discusing scenarios, terminology and communication on all competencies and specifically where “risk management” is concerned….

Most importantly we can help you to achieve the best possible chances of getting that grade A, this requires training and possibly development.

Book A Session With One of The Best Experts !!!

Our trainer has many years of experience and knowledge as a former DVSA ADI Enforcement Manager (ADI SE) also…..

  • Area Operations Manager (AOM)
  • ADI Transition Team Manager
  • Timing Study Lead Manager
  • Driver Training Assessment Manager (DTAM)
  • Sector Manager
  • Supervising Examiner (SE ADI)
  • ADI Enforcement Manager to name a few roles…..

Many of you will know him from stakeholder meetings that he attended across the country or when taking you on the qualification Part 2/3 tests, old style check test or the Standards Check, he attended many meetings to make stakeholders aware of the big changes such as the car, SC, ADI test and ORDIT changes to name a few.

He has carried out Standards Checks or supervised them whilst the ADI supervising examiner was conducting the SC and accompanying it for quality control purposes to ensure the examiner was meeting the standards that DVSA has set. He was also an ADI trainer and trained many ADI examiners for the ADI, Standards Check and ORDIT inspections.

He was part of the ADI Transition Team and was involved in setting up the ADI enforcement team within DVSA when it was officially launched in 2018 and was heavily involved in what you see now as well as many other projects.

Benefits Of The Assessment !!!

  • Can observe you train and analyse how you are putting the competencies into
  • You will get used to training with someone in the back of your vehicle watching your techniques
  • The client will also get used to having someone in the back. (many instructors have been failed because the client ‘wasn’t himself / herself’ – it’s human nature to feel pressured in a test situation even when it’s not your test!).

After the assessment has been carried out a ‘follow-up’ session can be booked (if needed) to help you to improve on any aspects. The sessions would be a one to one.

If you’re travelling a long way for the training or if it’s not possible to bring a pupil we can still show you how to make changes to your normal lesson structure by using role-play scenarios. At KWIK PASS we can show you practical solutions to help you put the competencies into practice and avoid the common pitfalls.

Here are some common reasons for failure:

  • Not adapting the lesson plan, when appropriate, to help the pupil work towards their learning goals
  • Not teaching the lesson in a style suited to the pupil’s learning style and current ability
  • Not encouraging the pupil to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning
  • Not giving the pupil appropriate and timely feedback during the session
  • Not giving enough feedback to help the pupil understand any potentially safety-critical incidents

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Once you have passed the SC you can relax and not have sleepless nights !!