ADI Rescue Training

Have a look at what we can offer to PDIs or instructors for rescue training, this will put you in a good position so you are prepared for the big day and PASS with flying colours.

Whether it’s the part 2, 3, Standards Check or the ORDIT inspection.

Lets help you towards achieving that Grade ‘A’

KWIK PASS Driver Training

ADI Rescue Training Designed for You...

KWIK PASS your local driving instructor trainer company are authorised by DVSA to deliver instructor training. KWIK PASS can help you pass that important test and allow you to have a good nights sleep again…

Our trainers are Grade A achieving the highest grade possible.  KWIK PASS are serious about achieving the highest possible standards in driver training and have helped many people qualify to become Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).  We are able to motivate and coach you to pass the test.

KWIK PASS continually stay up-to-date with the changes happening to the ADI exams. You can be sure we only teach you the most up-to-date driver training methods.


Developing shortcomings to achieve that PASS

Who's It For?

Anyone that has been training with other Instructor training establishments, colleges or driving schools and has failed one or two attempts at either the Part 2, Part 3, Standards Check or ORDIT training.

How will it help me?

The training is intensive and direct! Designed to identify and remedy ANY weakness or weaknesses in your driving or instructional techniques.

What do the Part 2 Sessions involve?

The Part 2 training involves assessment and correction of your driving technique. You must have sound knowledge of the Highway Code and Driving the Essential Skills plus the ability to take ‘constructive’ criticism! Each session your driving will be assessed and corrected (where necessary), and you will be given a written progress report at the end of each session.

What do the Part 3/Standards Check/ORDIT Training involve?

Each session will cover various subjects/themes and more. You will be trained on client centred techniques that will help you deal with all types of clients from all walks of life on all types of subject. You will have a better understanding of Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching and Learning Strategies

Get Booked In For Training?

KWIK PASS offer quality training in preparation for that big day! We understand the frustration of not having had quality training in the first instance.

KWIK PASS have the skills, knowledge and passion to help prepare for that important day. Achieving that PASS can be very rewarding, also to remember, this can only depend on how much down time you put in to training, reading and practice.

Some of the key areas that our trainers will help you develop are

  • How you’ll be assessed and the marking criteria
  • Lesson introductions and scene setting
  • Developing your Client Centered Learning (CCL) to suit the goals/needs of the pupil
  • More pupil involvement, using open questions that develops the pupil’s thinking.
  • Consulting your pupil and agreeing goals/needs that benefit their current level of driving.
  • Transferring responsibility to meet the needs of pupils preferred learning style
  • Knowing when to adapt the lesson to support the pupil and their ability.
  • Managing risk throughout the lesson.
  • Sharing responsibility, handing responsibility over to the pupil and knowing when to take responsibility back.
  • Discusing scenarios, terminology and communication on all competencies and specifically where “risk management” is concerned….

Most importantly we can help you to achieve the best possible chances of getting that PASS, this requires training and possibly development.

With Experts !!!

Many years of experience and knowledge from a former DVSA ADI Enforcement Manager (ADI SE) who managed a team of ADI Examiners across North, East, West London and East Anglia, other roles included…..

  • Area Operations Manager (AOM)
  • ADI Transition Team Manager
  • Timing Study Lead Manager
  • Driver Training Assessment Manager (DTAM)
  • Sector Manager (Cars and ADI)
  • Supervising Examiner (SE ADI)
  • ADI Enforcement Manager to name a few roles…..

Many  will know him from taking you on the qualification Part 2/3 tests, old style check test or the Standards Check, he attended many meetings to make stakeholders aware of the big changes such as the car, SC, ADI test and ORDIT changes to name a few.

He has accredited Fleet courses, carried out ORDIT inspections, Supervised the test whilst the ADI supervising examiner was conducting the test and accompanying it for quality control purposes to ensure the examiner was meeting the standards that DVSA has set, including car tests in the Sector Manager and Area Operations Manager role.

He was an ADI trainer and trained many ADI examiners for the ADI, Standards Check and ORDIT tests, as well as delivering management training courses to Local Driving Test Managers (LDTM).

After the assessment a ‘follow-up’ session can be booked (if needed) to help you to improve on any aspects. 

If you’re travelling a long way for the training or if it’s not possible to bring a pupil we can still show you how to make changes to your lesson structure by using role-play scenarios. At KWIK PASS we can show you practical solutions to help you put the competencies into practice and avoid the common pitfalls

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 We can show you practical solutions to help you put the competencies into practice and avoid the common pitfalls.

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