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Passing your test is just the start of your driving career. Driving gives you freedom and independence. However, it is can be expensive — insurance premium for a newly qualified driver can be more than the cost of their car so get booked on a course.

We have a diverse group of instructors, MALE and FEMALE, as well as MANUAL and AUTOMATIC training cars.

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Why Pass Plus?

However, it is very expensive — the insurance premium for a newly qualified driver can often be more than the cost of the car.

New drivers of any age are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing the test than at any other time in the driving career. The reason for this comes down to a lack of experience. Insurers demand higher premiums to reflect this increased risk.

Passing your test is just the start of your driving career. Driving gives you freedom and independence.

Taking a Pass Plus driving course can help you reduce the chances of having an accident. Insurers recognise the value of Pass Plus  by offering lower premiums to Pass Plus certificate holder.

Pass Plus

£ 300

Full Course

Develop Your Driving Experience Safely

Your standard driver training should provide you with experience of a varied range of road and traffic conditions. However, this training often takes place within a familiar area as there are time constraints and lesson objectives to consider.

To help you build upon your driving experience safely, Pass Plus provides the opportunity for you to drive outside of your local area. 

Build On Your Existing Skills And Knowledge

You already know how to drive, so your Pass Plus sessions will be different from normal driving lessons. You will be given the chance to develop your confidence and ability to deal with unfamiliar driving conditions. 

Driving on a motorway can be daunting, you may not have covered motorway driving as part of your driving lessons. For this reason, many drivers find motorway driving terrifying.

Or perhaps there was a particular manoeuvre that you struggled with while taking lessons. Completing Pass Plus can help you reinforce your weaker skills and boost your confidence.

Save Money On Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies offer discounts to new drivers who have completed Pass Plus. Once you have your certificate it’s worth shopping around for the best deals. If you stay claim free you will begin to build up your no claims bonus, leading to lower premiums year on year.

Pass Plus makes sense financially - could save your life

The Pass Plus training course is designed by DVSA, it aims to help you develop a positive approach to driving. It does this by focusing on two key factors — attitude and skills.

The course is organised into 6 modules:

  1. Introduction and town driving
  2. All weather driving
  3. Out of town driving and rural roads
  4. Night driving
  5. Dual Carriageways
  6. Motorways

You have to complete all 6 modules and undertake at least 6 hours of training. The amount of time spent on each module will vary according to your particular needs. You will not have to take another test. Instead, your instructor will continually assess your driving as you complete the training.

To gain your Pass Plus certificate you’ll have to demonstrate you have ‘achieved‘ or ‘exceeded‘ the required skills and knowledge in each module.

Why Choose Kwik Pass

  • You’ll save time. We can help you pass in 10 hours less than average!
  • You can save money. On average, our pupils save more than £250.
  • Learn more quickly by using our structured training approach.
  • Get your free Theory information and practice for your theory test and pass more quickly.
  • Our Learning to Drive resources support your learning and helps you get the most out of your lessons.
  • No commitment upfront. Give us a call.
  • Pay upfront and get a discount for block bookings. Save £1 per hour when you buy 10 hours in one go. 
  • We’re a local, independent driving school, with our office in Luton. By taking lessons with us you’ll be making a sound ethical decision and helping to keep more money in our local economy.

Get Booked On a Pass Plus Course !!!

For more information about taking additional lessons after passing your test, please call us on 079 666 777 77, email us and we’ll be happy to tailor the Pass Plus course for you.