Have a look at what the ADI Part 2 driving ability test is all about to embark on the journey to becoming your own boss. 

Look at what we offer so you are prepared for the big day and PASS with flying colours so you can move onto the instructional ability and get teaching !!!

KWIK PASS Driver Training

Our Part 2 Training Is Designed For You !!!

KWIK PASS your local driving instructor trainer company are authorised by DVSA to deliver driver training and can help you pass the part 2 test.

Our trainers are Grade A achieving the highest grade possible.  We are serious about achieving the highest possible standards in driver training and have helped many people qualify to become Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).  We are able to motivate and coach you to pass the part 2 driving ability test.

KWIK PASS continually stay up-to-date with the changes happening to the ADI part 2 test. You can be sure we train you the most up-to-date driver training methods.

Instructor training

£ 49.99

Starting From

ADI part 2 is the test that many people dread: it’s time to retake your driving test! This is not just a normal test though. You must not make more than 6 driving faults in one hour of driving and you’ll pick up faults far more easily than on a standard driving test. Advanced driving tests demand a very high level of skill. You’ll have to drive using a safe, methodical system that allows you to make progress whenever possible.

Part 2 is challenging; you must demonstrate a high level of competence to pass. We’ve seen people that have decided to become instructors after already passing advanced driving tests in previous jobs. Some were police drivers, fire fighters etc. They’ve failed part 2.

What happens on the test ?

The test is about one hour long and covers a variety of roads including motorways.

You will have to pass:

  • An eyesight test
  • 2 show me questions and 3 tell me questions (see show me/tell me page)
  • 2 of 4 manoeuvres such as pull up on the right and reverse parking into a bay
  • Independent driving using a sat nav or traffic signs
  • High level of competence throughout the drive

To see more information click here detailed description.

You only have three attempts at part 2. If you fail three times then you have to wait for two years from the date you passed part one before you can start again from part one. Good quality training from an experienced trainer is essential if you want to have any chance of passing.

Read about ADI part 1 and ADI part 3 here.

We are driven to help people just like you to become approved driving instructors.

Benefits Of Training With Us !!!

Local One-to-One ADI Training

KWIK PASS offer a one-to-one driving instructor training service tailored to your needs. All tuition is delivered in Luton, Bedfordshire. There’s no need to travel to London or the Midlands for ADI training!

You may want to fit your training around work and family commitments. Or perhaps you want to fast-track so you can pass your ADI test and start working as soon as possible?

Tailored to Your Learning Needs

Whatever your needs are, KWIK PASS will make sure your ADI training works effectively for you. Everyone is different. We each have different learning styles, backgrounds, goals and transferable skills.

It’s OUR job to correctly identify your individual learning needs. We’ll match your style of learning and adapt your lessons to suit you personally. By working together we’ll develop your existing skills — and nurture new ones.

Together, we’ll make you into a great driving instructor!

Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Training

Our Driving Instructor Training consists of three parts. It follows the national standard for driver training and covers:

  • Part 1 – Theory
  • Part 2 – Driving
  • Part 3 – Teaching

We’ll take you through each part step by step. Each part will build on your existing knowledge to prepare you to pass your ADI exams. We will explain everything to you and show you how to apply each new skill. Then, you’ll be given time to practice and develop your driving ability techniques before your test.

Support To Develop Your Skills

In order to help you develop your skills KWIK PASS will:

  • Train you how to drive to a high standard
  • Show you how to apply your current driving skills to get the best out of you
  • Iron out common driving mistakes and train you how to do it properly
  • Help you plan ahead so you have good anticipation and awareness skills

An Opportunity To Train With The Best!

KWIK PASS has been helping people like you to become driving instructors since 2003.

There is a big difference between teaching a learner to drive and training someone to become a driving instructor. The DVSA recommends that you choose an instructor trainer who has experience in training people to train others. As an experienced training company we can demonstrate that we have the skills and experience to meet these requirements.

Successfully completing your part 2 course will require you to work hard and apply yourself fully. The DVSA instructor exams are not easy to pass. You will only get three chances to pass your part 2 test. After that, it’s game over – for good! That’s why it’s so important to choose the best ADI trainer you can find!

Training to become a driving instructor is not the easiest road to drive down, but it does make for a very rewarding career. So long as you are prepared to commit yourself and overcome the challenges that lie ahead, I can help you succeed.

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Once you have passed part 2 then it’s on to part 3.