Motorway Lessons

There are differences between motorways and other roads. During our motorway lessons you will gain knowledge and experience of the different rules, regulations and signage that applies.

You will have the opportunity to drive on SMART motorways and experience what it feels like with no dedicated hard shoulder.

KWIK PASS Driver Training

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What’s Involved?

Motorways is not part of the driving test. Driving on this type of road is very different to driving on “ordinary” roads. Taking professional tuition to ensure you know how to drive safely and considerately on motorways could save your life. Whether you have recently passed your driving test, have not driven for some time or nervous, taking motorway training can be beneficial.

It covers planning the journey on the motorway, how to join, leave safelymaintaining safe speeds in all circumstances, taking effective observation, overtaking, lane discipline along with understanding signs, signals and road markings, correct procedure in the event of your car breaking down, how to handle crosswinds and debris,  correct use of lights, dealing with fatigue and remaining courteous whilst driving.


£ 50

Per Hour

Why Choose Kwik Pass

  • You’ll save time. We can help you pass in 10 hours less than average!
  • You can save money. On average, our pupils save more than £250.
  • Learn more quickly by using our structured training approach.
  • Get your free Theory information and practice for your theory test and pass more quickly.
  • Our Learning to Drive resources support your learning and helps you get the most out of your lessons.
  • No commitment upfront. Give us a call.
  • Pay upfront and get a discount for block bookings. Save £1 per hour when you buy 10 hours in one go. 
  • We’re a local, independent driving school, with our office in Luton. By taking lessons with us you’ll be making a sound ethical decision and helping to keep more money in our local economy.

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We can provide motorway training to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Call us on 079 666 777 77,  email us and we’ll be happy to tailor motorway training for you.

Provisional Licence holders can only drive on the motorway with a fully qualified instructor and in a dual controlled car.