Block Bookings

With KWIK PASS would you like to save money with our special rates and get booked in?

We have a diverse group of instructors, MALE and FEMALE, as well as MANUAL and AUTOMATIC training cars.

KWIK PASS Driver Training

Save MONEY - with our Block Booking !!!

KWIK PASS is pleased to offer discounts for Block Booking driving lessons. This offer is available to all who wish to save money. You can pay for any amount of hours from 10 hours up to 30 hours. We also offer Pay as You Go rates if you prefer to pay per hour.

Unlike many driving schools, we’ll never force you to buy a whole block of hours in bulk. Before you commit to anything, we believe you should have a chance to get a feel for what taking lessons with us is like and once you have every confidence we can help you pass why not take advantage of our block booking driving lesson offers and save money?.


Special Rates (Luton)

Why Choose Kwik Pass

  • You’ll save time. We can help you pass in 10 hours less than average!
  • You can save money. On average, our pupils save more than £250.
  • Learn more quickly by using our structured training approach.
  • Get your free Theory information and practice for your theory test and pass more quickly.
  • Our Learning to Drive resources support your learning and helps you get the most out of your lessons.
  • No commitment upfront. Give us a call.
  • Pay upfront and get a discount for block bookings. Save £1 per hour when you buy 10 hours in one go. 
  • We’re a local, independent driving school, with our office in Luton. By taking lessons with us you’ll be making a sound ethical decision and helping to keep more money in our local economy.

Get Booked on a Block Booking course

You can either opt for manual or automatic and we can provide block bookings to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Call us on 079 666 777 77,  email us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to tailor a course for you or book online.