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KWIK PASS Driver Training

Yes, you can! We now have automatic instructors for all locations in Bedfordshire.

Yes! We offer intensive driving lessons in and around the Bedfordshire area.

If you are a beginner we can teach you to drive to a high standard in around 35 hours. By this point you’ll be ready to pass your test.

If you already have some driving and road experience we’ll aim to do it even quicker than that!

This is easily one of the most common questions we get asked at KWIK PASS.

We know you want to learn how to drive in as few lessons as possible. We understand that you don’t want to feel rushed.

Clearly-Structured Driving Lessons

At KWIK PASS we deliver well-structured lessons that have clear objectives. After all, learning to drive is not cheap and we want you to get good value for your money.

According to the DVSA, it takes an average of 45 hours to pass the practical driving test. And that’s for learners who are sensible enough to study with an Approved Driving Instructor. On top of this, the DVSA says an additional 22 hours of private driving practice is also required.

But who wants to be average? By benefitting from our specially-designed Driver Training System our pupils take 10 hours less than the DVSA average!

Our tried-and-tested system can reduce the time it will take you to learn to drive. We consistently bring our pupils up to pass standard within 35 to 40 hours.

That’s up to 10 hours less than the average learner driver — saving you time and money!

Your instructor will recording your pupil progress on the logbook when you start taking driving lessons with us. Your instructor will use it to record your progress after each lesson. This will give you a record of how well you are doing and what you need to learn or practice next.

You will also be encouraged to keep a reflective log. You can use this to review your own learning so that you can discuss your objectives with your driving instructor at the start of each lesson.

We’re delighted to offer discounts to our learner drivers.

If you decide you’re happy taking lessons with us we’ll knock £2 off our normal hourly rate when you buy a block of 10 hours in one go and pay the instructor in advance.

Book your driving lesson now to get started.

Yes, we can offer a car hire for test, the driving instructor will accompany you on the test, please contact us or ring us on 079 666 777 77 to discuss your requirements.

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